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How to Use
Open-top PLCC-20 Programmer Adapter
(DX2020, CX2020)

How to use DX2020 PLCC programmer adapter

To load a device:
1. Place device with top facing down (i.e. so called dead-bug). Orient it with pin 1 facing away from user (unless software specifies otherwise).

2. Must make sure device is aligned squarely and is horizontal.

3. Push it down in the middle, gently, do not force. If you cannot push it down gently, the device may not be aligned squarely, or may not be in a horizontal position.
How to use DX2020 programmer adapter

Device loaded.
How to use DX2020 auto-eject adapters

To un load a device:

Push down on the top edges of socket with a fast action.

DX2020 auto-eject programmer adapter

Device will be ejected..

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