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Over 30 years of IC programming experience (1) Experience

We have been in the IC chip programming business for over 30 years. We have a vast amount of IC chip knowledge, programming knowledge and have seen uncountable cases of common and weird problems. If your projects or products are important, you know already that you cannot take surprises or mishandling of your programming job.  

Each programming job setup by engineer (2) Each Job is Setup by an Engineer

Jobs are not just sent to production. Each job is setup by a knowledgeable and experienced engineer. After a job is done, samples are taken from the batch and verified by an engineer to further reduce the chance of mistakes.

We know how important this is. Since IC chips are likely to be soldered onto thousands of circuit boards, the consequence will be huge if the chips were not programmed properly.

Professional EPROM programmers (3) We Have Proven, Good Equipment

We use professional equipment which have programmed millions upon millions of IC chips correctly.

We have modern equipment that can do the programming jobs fast and efficiently. We also have old legacy IC chip programmers which are hard to find but are needed to program obsolete legacy IC chips.

Cost-Effective IC Programming.jpg (4) We Are Efficient and Cost-Effective

We can do programming jobs at a lower cost than you doing it in-house, especially if you have more than 100 IC chips to program or copy.

If you are an engineer, your expertise can be used in your specific engineering job. Your time is valuable. Leave the mundane job of IC chip duplication to us.

We are also more cost-effective than having your own production personnel doing it. When you send a job to us, you do not have to worry about all the nitty gritty details of the programming process. There is no programming equipment to purchase and to maintain. Your production people have things they must do in-house, and it is better to leave them doing the things they can do best.

IC Programming Service Label (5) Even Labels, We Do Them Well

Our labels are precision printed. They are crisp, clear and easy to read.

For UV erasable IC chips which have a quartz window, we use metal foil labels to ensure even low levels of UV light do not pass through them, so that you will get the maximum working life for the ICs.

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