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Return Policy
Programming adapters

Programming adapters are not returnable.

Each programming socket has a limited insertion life, ranging from 500 cycles to 5,000 cycles. Therefore we cannot resell an used adapter because all customers, like you, would expect to receive adapters with new sockets.


Programmers are not returnable after 30-days.

If returned within 30-days of receipt by customer, there will be a
re-stocking fee of 20%
since we will have to re-test the electronics, or re-sell as used equipment.

if you are not sure about ordering programming equipment, please feel free to contact us before ordering. We will be happy to assist you about what to order, ot to decide if you should anything al all.

UV Erasers and Other Accessories

These are not returnable. If they defective, they can be returned for repair within the warranty period.

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