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Why Advin is Your Best Choice
for Device Programmers ?

Answer: Enhanced
Tech Support

Programmer adapter back side (1) Our circuit boards are better

If you have purchased from any other source, you can tell that ours are better made.

For example, just turn over an SMD adapter and look at the bottom. Ours are professionally and properly manufactured, clean, and not covered with solder flux.

Icon programmer project (2) Gold-plated contacts

We have gold-plated ZIF sockets on our most popular programmer models (SuperPro-6100, SuperPro-6104). These gold-plated ZIF sockets provide highly reliable contacts.

Universal IC chip programmer (3) We have devices for testing

Because we have been in the device programmer business for over 30 years, we have accumulated a lot of IC devices used for testing. If you have a problem, we can easily test it right away. If you purchased your programmer from other sources, you will have to send them devices and they will need to send them to the engineers in China for testing. If you are doing serious work, it will be time wasted.

Icon programmer project (4) Our tech support is superior

A device programmer is not a commodity. Price alone should not be the only consideration when deciding what and where to buy.

If your job and projects are important, you do not want to buy a cheap device programmer which does not come with good tech support.

Our tech support is easily reachable and knowledgeable.

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Office hours: 8AM to 5PM, California Time.