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Universal Gang Programmer: SuperPro-6104-GP
Universal Production Programmer
(Featuring Concurrent Programming, Computer-Control)

Gang Programmer Carry case included
Gang Programmer case
Gang Programmer case

Faster than an 8-Gang Programmer !

2 Major Reasons: (1) Skt 1 begins to program when skt 2 is being loaded. When skt 4 has been loaded, skt 1 is done. No waiting.
Device examples
This gang programmer
Gang Programmer SuperPro-6104 Gang Programmer SuperPro-6104
Conventional 8-gang
Gang Programmer PILOT-932D Gang Programmer Conventional B Gang Programmer Conventional C
27C020 PLCC,
each takes
30 sec to program,
15 sec to load,
15 sec to unload
120 sec to program 4 chips
(60 sec to load, no waiting, 60 sec to unload)
150 sec to program 4 chips
(60 sec to load, wait 30 sec for programming, 60 sec unload)
240 sec to program 8 chips
(120 sec to load, no waiting, 120 sec to unload)

270 sec to program 8 chips
(120 + 30 + 120=190)
27C040 DIP,
each takes
60 sec to program,
10 sec to load,
10 sec to unload
110 sec to program 4 chips
(40 sec + 30 + 40 = 110)
(30 s wait is needed because loading is faster than programming time)
140 sec to program 4 chips
(40 sec load, wait 60 sec for programming, 40 sec unload=140)
190 sec to program 8 chips
(80 + 30 + 80 = 190 )

220 sec to program 8 chips
(80 + 60 + 80 = 220)
Faster than an 8-Gang !

Reasons: (2) Conventional 8-gang programmers are inherently slower because one controller controls all sockets. If indeed it takes 30 sec to program one chip, it will take 60 seconds to program 4 chips and about 90 sec to program 8 chips. The above examples do not even take this fact into account. If it does, 8-gang programmers are much slower than the numbers shown above.

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  IC Chip Devices Supported by this Gang Programmer

  SMD Programmer Adapters

Gang Programmer
6104-GP Overview

    What Can It Do for You?

     Single Device-Type Production

    Thru-put for most DIP devices
  • 350 units per hour.
  • 2,500 units per day, per shift.
  • 50,000 units per month, per shift. (assuming 20 days each month)
Gang Programmer SuperPro-6104
    Thru-put for most SMDs (surface-mount devices)
  • 200 units per hour.
  • 1,500 units per day, per shift.
  • 30,000 units per month, per shift. (assuming 20 days each month)
Gang Programmer SuperPro-6104
(These are realistic numbers, not "up to" numbers)

     Multi Device-Type Production

    All at the same time, this programmer can handle
  • 4 different packages types
  • 4 different data files.
  • Independent and simultaneous programming.
Gang Programmer SuperPro-6104
Click to enlarge

     Perfect for Medium Volume Production

See it in Action (Program and Verify)

Hit [F5] to refresh if video does not show up.

    In production mode, all the operator needs to do is:
  • Load a device into a socket.
  • Close the socket.
  • Remove the device when the LEDs indicate done
  • No need to touch the mouse or the keyboard of the computer.
    Efficient and Convenient
  • Each programming site (socket) takes its own project file.
  • Project file specifies device manufacturer, device type, and data file. Operator only needs to select your pre-configured project file.
  • No need to swap in and out SMD adapters.
  • Just buy one SMD adapter instead of four.
Gang Programmer projects
Click to enlarge
    Concurrent Programmer
  • Four built-in programming units.
  • Working independently and concurrently.
  • Success and failure counts are displayed on screen.
Gang Programmer projects

Gang Programmer
6104-GP Details
    Device Support
  • Supports 100,000+ devices from 320+ manufacturers.
  • Supports low voltage devices with Vcc as low as 1.2v.
  • Device categories supported include memory devices, microcontrollers, and logic devices.
  • Supports standard DIP or skinny DIP packages from 8 to 48-pins on standard equipment
  • Supports a wide variety of SMD packages such as PLCC, SOIC, TSOP, TQFP, QFN, etc., with reliable factory-made SMD adapters.
  • Free software updates can be downloaded via Internet at any time.
    Concurrent Programming Mode
  • This gang programmer is made up of four independent programming modules. They work concurrently, versus the parallel mode in traditional gang programmers.
  • In this mode, the programmer starts programming as soon as a device has been inserted into the first programming socket. By the time the operator finishes putting in the device at the last socket, the first socket may have already finished programming (depending on device programming time) and he can start unloading/reloading at the first socket.
  • Concurrent mode increases programmer throughput and operator efficiency.
  • In over 95% of cases, our concurrent 4-site gang programmer gives better programmer throughput than an 8-site traditional parallel gang programmer.
    How can it beat an 8-site
    conventional gang programmer ?
    Programmer Speed
  • Ultra fast programming speed is achieved by utilizing a local high speed ASIC processor in each programming module of the programmer.
  • Programs high-density flash memory devices at near-theoretical maximum programming speed.
  • Programs and verifies a 64M-bit NOR flash memory in 11.3 seconds and a 1G-bit NAND Flash in 108 seconds.
    Production gang programmer     Production gang programmer
    Advanced Programmer Hardware
  • Advanced hardware design provides clean signals and allows programming of low-voltage devices reliably.
  • Each one of the four programming modules has enough universal pin-drivers to support large complex devices, up to 144-pins.
  • Since each pin-driver is software programmable, proper voltage levels will be applied to each and every pin, not just the Vcc pins, allowing true low-voltage programming for low-voltage devices.
  • Reverse insertion check and pin continuity check help to prevent devices from accidental damage.
  • Over-current and over-voltage protection ensures safety of the devices and programmer hardware.
    Easy-to-use Programmer Software

    SuperPro-6104-GP Gang Programmer software

  • Programmer software supports XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.
  • When [Adminstrator] is selected, the software allows you setup project files. Each project file includes these settings:
    • IC device manufacturer
    • IC device part number, together with package type such as PLCC, TQFP, etc.
    • Filename of data file
    • File type, such binary, Intel hex, Motorola etc.
    • Auto-sequence, such as [Erase] [Blank check] [Program] [Verify], or just [Verify], etc.
    • Password control for limiting operator access to a project file
    • Production mode yes or no
    • Other optional controls
  • When [Mass Producer] is selected, the software allows your production operator to pick the project files which you have created. There is no need for him to select the device type, filename, etc.. There are operator features:
    • He can choose the same project file for all four programming sites. Or he can choose different project files for different programming sites.
    • Production mode yes or no
    • If a project file was setup to rquire a password, then he will need password to access that project file.
    • Production mode yes or no
    • He can see the success/fail counts and the yield statistics to guide when to stop.
See how easy it is to use the software

Quick-Start Guide for Adminstrator
Quick-Start Guide for Production Operator

    IC chip device packages IC chip device packages B
  • Device Types Supported:
    EPROM, Paged EPROM, Parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA Configuration Serial PROM, FLASH Memory (NOR and NAND), Bipolar PROM, NOVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, Microcontroller, Microchip PIC, MCU, Standard Logic, etc.
  • Device Packages Supported on Standard Equipment:
    DIP, Skinny DIP.
  • SMD device Packages Supported with Optional SMD Adapters:

    Typical view of SMD programmer adapters:
  • PC interface: USB 2.0
  • AC power supply: Input 100V-240V AC, 50/60 HZ.
    Output 12VDC, 7 Amp.
  • Programmer physical size: 12.75" x 8.5" x 4.25" high
    (32.4cm x 21.6cm x 10.8cm high)
  • Net weight
    Programming unit, AC power supply, USB cable: 11.75 Lbs.
    Above, with carry case: 19.5 lbs.
  • Gross shipping weight: 26 Lbs.
    (24" x 18" x 12", or 61 x 46 x 31 cm)
  • Programming unit with FOUR 48-pin DIP ZIF socket adapter.
  • AC power supply.
  • USB Cable (for PC to programmer connection).
  • S/W CD.
  • User's Guide as soft copy in S/W CD
  • Quick Start Guides.
  • Gang programmer carry case.
  • User-feedback form.
Gang Programmer 6104EGP back view
Back View
Gang Programmer Power Supply
AC Power Supply
Programmer USB cable
USB cable
Gang Programmer 5004EGP back view
Carry case (20x15x7")
Gang Programmer Power Supply
Inside view
  • 2-years. Programmer is warranted to be free of manufacturing or workmanship defects for two (2) years from the date of purchase. Warranty covers parts, labor, and free UPS ground shipping from Advin back to customer. (Free ground shipping applies to 48-states and Canada only).
Only $5,995        buy universal programmer

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Office hours: 8AM to 5PM, California Time.

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