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DFN (USON, MAP) 8-pin, 2x3 mm
SMD Programming Adapter
For this Universal Chip Programmer:
Xeltek Chip Programmer
And this Universal Gang Programmer:
Xeltek Gang Programmer
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DX4002 USON-8 programmer adapter

WSON adapter
Programmer adapters for WSON, USON, LAP, DFN, MLP, SAP devices (These package names are not standardized. Called by different names by different IC chip manufacturers.)
2x3 mm USON (also called by other names such as DFN, MAP, etc.) Adapter, 8-pin, 2x3 mm body (E,D dimensions), 0.50 mm pitch (e dimension)
Fits Atmel AT24C128, AT24C256, AT24C512C;
Macronix MX25L1006, MX25L4006EZU;
Microchip 24AA256, 24FC65;
ST M24C256; M95128; Winbonmd 25Q40C, etc. 

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