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DFN (WSON) 8-pin, 5x6 mm
SMD Programming Adapter
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Xeltek Gang Programmer
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DX4005-1 WSON-8 programmer adapter

WSON adapter
Programmer adapters for WSON, USON, LAP, DFN, MLP, SAP devices (These package names are not standardized. Called by different names by different IC chip manufacturers.)
DX4005-1 WSON adapter for device programmer 5x6 mm WSON, DFN Adapter, 8-pin, 5x6 mm body (E,D dimensions),
1.27mm pitch (e dimension)

Fits AMD USON8: AM25FL020D, AM25FL040D, AM25FL080D,
AMIC WSON8: A25L016T, A25L020C, A25L080A,
EON VDFN8: EN25B80, EN25LF05,
Macronix WSON8: MX25L1675E, MX25L3239E, MX25U1635E,

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